UAV Infiltration


The “MavAir” unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) developed by Dr. Fang’s team combines the power of multi-spectral sensors with precision navigation for seamless remote sensing products and RTK-grade surveying capability. MavAir acquires very-high resolution data that would otherwise be labor intensive and even unsafe when using traditional methods while offering greater density and continuity of information as a feasible and affordable solution. Knowing what to do with data once it is collected can be a challenge in and of itself. That’s why our primary focus remains on postprocessing and algorithm development to convert UAV datasets into actionable analysis. MavAir offers advanced image processing techniques for detailed site-specific surveys, providing orthophotos, mosaicking, contours and many other 2D and 3D products for use in commercial, environmental, energy, utilities, agriculture and urban planning. Our robust hyperspectral remote sensing techniques provide for change detection and time series analyses including vegetation, land use and land cover, natural hazard assessment and management and planning. MavAir has been missioned in several research projects including a infiltration study in Harris counties sponsored by Harris County Flood Contorl District (HCFCD) and real time flood inundation analysis sponsored by NSF.