Water Resources Review and Research

The U.S. Army Corps of Engineers (USACE) Fort Worth District completed an update to the hydrologic and hydraulic analyses associated with the Corridor Development Certificate (CDC) for the Upper Trinity River watershed in 2013. The cause of such work is that the development in the upper Trinity River watershed has grown at a much higher rate than previously projected. The 2013 CDC study shows greatly increased peak discharge and water surface elevations from the standard project flood (SPF) under projected future urbanization conditions.

Given the importance of the floodway levees that are maintained by the Tarrant Regional Water District (TRWD) in protecting the Fort Worth communities, it is imperative to verify the accuracy and validity of the results by reviewing the 2013 CDC study and conducting further technical assessment for the study area. The UTA research team has been asked by TRWD to perform an independent review of the hydrologic impacts from land use/urbanization and infiltration factors on the Fort Worth floodway. The proposed efforts will mainly be invested in three standard project storm (SPS) centering scenarios that have direct impacts on the Fort Worth floodway: Clear Fork, Lake Forth, and Walker Branch. The evaluation of varied SPS centering and movement scenarios will also be performed in this study.